A Natural Look for Nurseries & Kids Rooms


我爱幼儿园和孩子的房间装饰的智慧h natural materials. Wood and rattan combined with neutral colors such as (off) white, brown and grey create a warm and serene atmosphere. Lighter colors give an airy feel and make a (small) space look bigger. You can add some pop of colors (yellow, blue or dusty pink for example) or use felt animal heads to add a fun element. Here are some lovely room with a natural look to inspire you. And if you would like to create a similar look you can find suggestions for furniture and accessories in this post as well.


1.rattan hanging chair| 2.elephant wall hanging| 3.凳子| 4.woolen rug| 5.giraffe shaped wicker basket| 6.Moroccan throw| 7.baskets| 8.teepee tent| 9。table lamp| 10.baskets| 11.Moroccan throw| 12.dresser.





1.Kalon crib made of certified wood| 2.crocheted lamb mobile| 3.ferm LIVING duvet cover| 4.bed/play cabin| 5.alpaca throw| 6.rattan chair(perfect with asheep skin rug) | 7.Eames rocking chair| 8.lion wall hanging| 9。baskets| 10.rattan pendant light| 11.sheep skin rug| 12.bunk bed.



(day) bed|stump stools

Image source: 1.Les Enfants du Design| 3.Sarah Rosenhaus| 4.The Woods Folk| 5. Julien Fernandez | 7.Domino| 8. Kalon.

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